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NEW-PRIDE: NEW-PRIDE [2016 – 2020 in uitvoering]

Location(s) Groningen, Friesland, Noord Holland, Overijssel en Noord-Brabant Cooperation unknown Period 2016 - 2020 Finance unknown Finance by NWO vernieuwingsimpuls Status in uitvoering Contact(s) dr. Marie-José van Tol Abstract No abstract

Yoga and depression: [2016 – 2020 in uitvoering]

Location(s) unknown Cooperation PsyQ, Inter-Psy Period 2016 - 2020 Finance resp. € 163.153, € 30.000, € 2.000 Finance by ZonMw, Triodos stichting, Kripalu Teaching for Diversity Fund Status in uitvoering Contact(s) Drs. N.K. Vollbehr Abstract No...

Immune: Immune: Simvastatin addition to improve symptoms cognition, metabolic syndrome and movement disorders in patients with recent-onset psychotic disorder. A multi-center randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. [2015 – 2019 in uitvoering]

Location(s) UMCU, UCP (UMCG), Lentis Cooperation UMCU, Lentis, GGZ Centraal, GGZ NHN, Arkin, Altrecht Antonius, Tergooi, GGZinGeest, Delta, Jeroen Bosch Period 2015 - 2019 Finance unknown Finance by The Stanley Medical Research Institute, ZonMw Status in uitvoering...

iCASE: [2014 – 2019]

Location(s) Groningen Cooperation UMCG (UCP en geheugenpoli’s), GGZ Drenthe, Lentis Period 2014 - 2019 Finance unknown Finance by Alzheimer Nederland  and Fonds Psychische Gezondheid Status analyse and publication stage Contact(s) Marij Zuidersma, m.zuidersma@umcg.nl...

SLEEPREG-BD: [2012 – 2020 analysefase]

Location(s) unknown Cooperation Dimence, VUmc Period 2012 - 2020 Finance unknown Finance by unknown Status analysefase Contact(s) Anja Stevens sleepregbd@dimence.nl www.dimence.nl/sleepregbd Abstract No abstract

tPEMF: [2012 – 2016 afgerond]

Location(s) Emmen, Groningen Cooperation unknown Period 2012 - 2016 Finance unknown Finance by unknown Status afgerond Contact(s) unknown Abstract No abstract

MERIT: [2011 – 2018 afgerond]

Location(s) GGZ Drenthe Neuroimaging Center, UMCG RUG Cooperation RGOc Lentis UCP Period 2011 - 2018 Finance unknown Finance by GGZ Drenthe Status afgerond Contact(s) Mw. A. E. de Vos Dennenweg 9 9404 LA Assen 050-3638803 Abstract No abstract