2015 – 2020


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  • RGOc

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Fionneke Bos, f.m.bos01@umcg.nl

In this PhD project, we investigate how experience sampling methodology (ESM) can be applied to clinical practice. With ESM, patients record their moods, thoughts and activities several times a day, which may offer useful insights for diagnosis and treatment of diverse mental disorders. Through qualitative and quantitative research methods we investigate how ESM might be used by patients and clinicians and how it can guide and optimize diagnosis and treatment.

We’re using multiple approaches to investigate how experience sampling (ESM) may be used in clinical practice. 1. Qualitatively assess via interviews and focus groups how patients and clinicians view the application of ESM in clinical practice. 2. Implement ESM in the diagnosis of first psychosis, and qualitatively observe if and how ESM (and feedback derived from it) may lead to more insight and targets for treatment. 3. Implement ESM in the treatment of bipolar disorder, and qualitatively observe if and how ESM monitoring and feedback may lead to more insight and behavioral change.

This project is supervised by prof. dr. Marieke Wichers, dr. Evelien Snippe, dr. Lian van der Krieke and dr. Richard Bruggeman.