• GGZ Drenthe


  • RGOc, AIAR

2009 – 2016


Finance by

  • Stichting “De Open Ankh”, GGZ Drenthe, Indigo, Provincie Drenthe, fonds Nuts Ohra


dr. S. Sytema (Sjoerd)
telefoon: 050-3614678
e-mail: s.sytema@umcg.nl

The website Survivalkid.nl offers science based and best practice preventive care for children with a mentally ill family member. This group, with a heightened risk at psychiatric disorders, up until now appears to be difficult to approach. The electronic support directs itself at a healthy manner of coping in a burdening situation. The site, for which the intended target group receives an in-log code, contains different elements following a stepped care model. These elements are, among other things: psycho-education (information and stories from the daily practice); a self-test; a chat-box; possibility of chatting with a counselor.Scaling will include both having the website used by young people from other regions and by members of sub groups as adolescents with a family member suffering from forensic psychiatric problems or young refugees. The research, accompanied by Schippers (AIAR, AMC-UvA), Cuijpers (VU) and Sytema (RGOc), directs itself at evaluating the effectiveness of this electronic care offer. Next to this, the impact of the new medium will be studied by analyzing the sent in content. Questions are: to which extent is the aimed target group now better reached? To which extent does this help the adolescents? What do they anonymously tell us online about their situation?

The E-KOPP project will be completed in March 2017 with a dissertation.