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2007 – 2016


Finance by

  • Hanzehogeschool en Fonds Psychische Gezondheid


dr. P.C. van der Ende
Lectoraat Rehabilitatie
telefoon: 050-5953370
e-mail: p.c.van.der.ende@pl.hanze.nl

In this PhD-research project the epidemiological data of parents with psychiatric disabilities will be described on the basis of a literature research. Besides that, the needs for support in the field of parenting from this group will be described on the basis of former research .Next, by way of document research, the possibilities for support in the parent role will be described.

One of the programs with the background of psychiatric rehabilitation, is the program “Parenting with Success en Satisfaction”. This will be evaluated by a pilot of an effect-evaluation. The goal of this research is: To determine the efficacy of the program Parenting with Success en Satisfaction,

The research question is:What are the effects on parenting from care giving with the program Parenting with Success en Satisfaction in terms of success, satisfaction, empowerment and quality of life? Also intervening variables will be analyzed, like intensity of care, and the relation between care provider and consumer.

The design is a non-equivalent control group design. This means that on some places the support program will be introduced and 15 parents will be in the experimental condition. The control group will be on other locations and this consists of 15 parents that receive care as usual.

Website: Parenting with success and satisfaction